My name is Jessika Fancy, a 38 year old queer, working class femme artist. I was born in Montréal Québec; the unceded territory of Kanien’keha:ka, Mohawk Nations. My immediate ancestry that I am aware of is Acadian, French, Québécois and Ukrainian.

I am currently living my dream of being my own boss. I am a full-time artist; a working class babe who does not have access to wealth of any kind outside of the income I generate with my various projects. I think that it is an important piece of the puzzle, as too often people make it look so easy and glamorous to be your own boss without disclosing their access to financial wealth or being from a family that has access to money. Working for yourself comes with many gifts and also many stresses. We live in a capitalistic world where what we produce equals what our worth is. We are not meant to constantly be in summer mode producing at high rates. With social media being one of the main things that “connect us” listening to our own body rhythms is more important than ever.

Chronic illness and magic have both shaped my life in profound ways. From the early days of being a teenage riot grrrl baby-witch, reading all the books in the occult aisle at 15 years old, to being hit with an impactful mystery illness, during my Saturn return, I continue to dive deep in my magical practice, lineage and consider myself to be an eternal student. I continue to dedicate my time and energy to social justice movements, in hopes that one day we can truly begin to unpack the damage we have done, with humility and compassion.

One of my greatest joys in life is offering my gifts in all the ways they take shape to my community and loved ones far and wide. 

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